"I believe it is the art of Listening that reveals the key to the true nature of Music, as well as to the understanding and tolerance of one's fellowman."


"Was Momo especially smart? Did she know how to give good advice to everyone? Did she always find the right words?
No, no more than any other child.
Did she know how to sing with an especially pleasant voice? Or to play wonderfully on an instrument? Or know how to dance or to do any acrobatics?
No, certainly not.
And perhaps she knew a mysterious spell, or to palm-read and to tell fortunes?
Neither this nor that.
What Momo knew best was how to listen. To truly listen, as only very few know how.
She simply sat and listened, with all her attentiveness and involvement. While doing this, she looked straight at the speaker with her big and dark eyes, and it was then that this person, to his utter surprise, felt that here, in his mind, appear thoughts, which he did not even presume were hidden there"

From Momo by Michael Ende.


"Momo's character allows me to enjoy listening in a unique way.
I can hardly wait for composing music to her..."

Roni's Social Links


What is your Ta Ta Ta Tam?

Roni Porat at TEDxBerlinSalon

Symphony of Light

Symphonic Duet for Music and Light

Conducting Success

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Excerpt from "Conducting Success" music and leadership lecture (Hebrew)

Giving In to the Sublime

  Giving In to the Sublime

"Israeli Conductor Roni Porat and his path toward enlightenment". An article on The Epoch Times

"My Life Creation" Project

  "My Life Creation" Project

" " (') .


  Hayuta ()

Music/Theatre Fantasy following Hanoch Levin, music by Roni Porat.

? .

New Recordings

  "The Virgin" - A new recording

A new recording of the Suite, written, arranged for Symphonic Orchestra and conducted by Roni. Check it out in the Compositions Page.

"Journey" - A new Cello Quartet

Roni has finally recorded his new cello quartet, played by 4 cellists from the The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Check it out in the Compositions Page.


Special Projects

Beethoven Blvd. via Abbey Rd.

An enchanting documentary about Roni, filmed and directed by Yvonne Miklosh.

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Zubin Mehta
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  Benjamin Zander
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Many thanks to Maestro Mehta and the IPO for the opportunity and the fruitful collaboration.


Many thanks to Ben for the great support, the good advice and the friendship.


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