"Documentation: what I see now on the VCR happened months - soon to be years - ago, and here I see some more white hairs, and a gesture I've been trying to get rid of for years; and I'm trying to edit the pieces, to take the best and leave out the not-so-good (to hide that gesture), and create an image that will serve me.

Why? why can't the image and I be identical, one and the same thing, and 'still' succeed?!"

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Beethoven Blvd. via Abbey Rd.


A documentary, beautifully demonstrating Roni's approach of presenting classical music to diverse audiences.

Filmed and Directed by Yvonne Miklosh.
Produced by The United Studios of Israel.

Beethoven Blvd. via Abbey Rd.
Play "Beethoven Blvd. via Abbey Rd."Download "Beethoven Blvd. via Abbey Rd."(22:43min, 25.1MB)

Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring

The show was created as a co-production between Clipa theatre and The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Roni Porat.

The Rite of Spring was commissioned for the Ballet Russes and debuted in Paris in 1913. The piece has been adapted for stage many times

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Watch Roni conduct (back stage view):

Excerpt 1:
Spring Rounds

Play "The Rite of Spring"Download "The Rite of Spring"(1:28min, 3.72MB)
  Excerpt 2:
Second Introduction

Play "The Rite of Spring"Download "The Rite of Spring"(3:13min, 8.07MB)
Excerpt 3:
Sacrificial Dance

Play "The Rite of Spring"Download "The Rite of Spring"(1:20min, 3.38MB)
  Excerpt 4:
Sacrificial Dance (Finale)

Play "The Rite of Spring"Download "The Rite of Spring"(2:10min, 5.38MB)

Watch Roni narrating the concert:

Excerpt 1:
Play "The Rite of Spring - Narration"Download "The Rite of Spring - Narration"(3:54min, 9.83MB)
  Excerpt 2:
Play "The Rite of Spring - Narration"Download "The Rite of Spring - Narration"(1:56min, 4.89MB)

Watch the dance:

Ritual Action of the Ancestors & Sacrificial Dance

Play "The Rite of Spring - Dance"Download "The Rite of Spring - Dance"(6:03min, 15.2MB)

The Last Melody


A Theatre Concert. In a new and digital world where melodies have been long-forgotten, an old cellist auditions for "the music factory" and gets accepted. He is secretly committed to passing on the "last melody" to the next generations.

Played by The Israel Stage Orchestra.
The production premiered in the Israel Festival 2004.

Script writing and acting: Roni Porat, Yarden Bar-Cokhva, Ely Gorenstein
Other actors: Daniel Colben and all orchestra members
Director: Noya Lancet

Excerpt 1:
"Maestro" meets The Last Melody

Play "The Last Melody"Download "The Last Melody"(4:56min, 12.3MB)
  Excerpt 2:
"No. Three" is auditioning again

Play "The Last Melody"Download "The Last Melody"(2:20min, 5.61MB)

Leonard Bernstein

Roni conducting The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on a gala evening in a concert dedicated to Leonard Bernstein.

Overture to Candide
Play "Overture to Candide"Download "Overture to Candide"(1:30min, 3.82MB)
  Mambo (West Side Story)
Play "Mambo (from West Side Story)"Download "Mambo (from West Side Story)"(2:13min, 5.61MB)

Beethoven, Symphony No. 5


Roni has oppend the 2004 "Sounds of Childhood" Festival with Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, with The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Here you can view an excerpt from the first movement.

Beethoven, Symphony No. 5, 1st movement
Play "Beethoven 5th Symphony"Download "Beethoven 5th Symphony"(1:23min, 3.54MB)

  All concerts are also available in broadcast quality and in full length.
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