"I have always been fascinated by connecting music together with other performing arts. Music has no boundaries, no body, no scent nor taste, and as such it can contain all the worlds and embody all arts, while blending in without taking anything but rather contributing."

Symphony of Light - Symphonic Duet for Music and Light

A unique and innovative concert with full lighting design and special effects.

Conductor Roni Porat presents a surprising concert full of fun and lighting effects dressing the music in various moods and colors. Impressive lights designed by Uri Morag, follow the smallest details and nuances of the music turning a concert experience into a multi-sensory celebration!

Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring

The show was created as a co-production between Clipa theatre and The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Roni Porat.

The Rite of Spring was commissioned for the Ballet Russes and debuted in Paris in 1913. The piece has been adapted for stage many times

This adaptation places the orchestra on the stage while the front of the stage is becomes the arena in which the Rite takes place. Maestro Porat fulfills a pivotal role. He activates the story on stage and is an embodied axis between the orchestra, the music, and the story.

Inspired by the original production, Clipa Theatre describes a society which has brought disaster upon itself, lost its land, with all which that entails, gravity, fertility, center, hierarchy and direction. The Rite os Spring is about earthy urges opposing Man's mystic yearning towards the sky.

The piece can be performed in a number of musical arrangements: symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, 2 pianos, and is conducted by Roni Porat.

Click here to watch video clips from the concert.

Why Mi why Fa... What a Language

Music as a language, as a creator of moods, as a bridge, as a storyteller without words.

Narrating and conducting: Roni Porat

On Music and Theatre

The joy of co-operation between different art forms.

Conductor and Narrator: Roni Porat
Actors: Rusty Warhurst, Emmanuel Hannoun

Who is the conductor?

Answers to some of the questions you may ask yourself about that person who stands with his back to the audience.

Conductor and Narrator: Roni Porat

Plick Pluck

This program concentrates on works for Guitar, Mandolin and Harp, with string orchestra.

Conductor and Narrator: Roni Porat

Beethoven Blvd. via Abbey Rd.

About the meeting point of classical music pop music and jazz. A collaboration of a Symphonic Orchestra with Jazz & Pop musicians.

Conductor and Narrator: Roni Porat

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