"I have always been fascinated by connecting music together with other performing arts. Music has no boundaries, no body, no scent nor taste, and as such it can contain all the worlds and embody all arts, while blending in without taking anything but rather contributing."

In these concerts Roni addresses the audience in his direct and unique way, interacting through explanations about the music and vivid examples.

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Each of the narrated concerts focuses on a specific aspect of the music world (like conducting), or a specific composition (like "The Rite of Spring").


The dramatized concerts bring a different model of orchestral concert to the musical stage.

The orchestra plays the role of an orchestra, while Roni and one or more actors and singers act a play written around the theme of the concert.

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In such a concert all non-musical information becomes a part of a theatrical and musical, stirring and seemless event, which has no didactic dimension.


In a theatre concert event all boundaries between music and theatre are broken. The orchestra members express themselves as a stage character in playing, movement and text.

The music played is original, and the script is built and developed by all orchestra members in a process of collaboration and improvisation.

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In a Theatre Concert the traditional order of a black and white dressed, seated orchestra seize to exist.

Playing is part of movement and text, just as the theatre part is directed according to musical beats, all embodied in one score.

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