"I have always been fascinated by connecting music together with other performing arts. Music has no boundaries, no body, no scent nor taste, and as such it can contain all the worlds and embody all arts, while blending in without taking anything but rather contributing."

The last Melody

Roni Porat, Yarden Bar Kochva and Julia Ben Har

In a new and digital world where melodies have been long-forgotten, an old cellist auditions for "the music factory" and gets accepted. He is secretly committed to passing on the "last melody" to the next generations.

The production premiered in the Israel Festival 2004.

Script writing and acting: Roni Porat, Yarden Bar-Cokhva, Ely Gorenstein
Other actors: Daniel Colben and all orchestra members
Director: Noya Lancet

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Fantasy for Chimpanzee & Orchestra

Tomer Hofmann and Yalena Yarustavisky

A theatre concert based on Franz Kafkas "Report for an Academy", involving all musicians as singers and actors.

The production premiered in the Israel Festival 1999.

Music: Roni Porat
Director and Actor: Yehuda Almagor
Actors: Emmanuel Hannoun, Rusty Warhurst and all orchestra members

Sofias Friends

Sofia Trost

Homage to the immigrants from the former USSR, with particular attention to their vast contribution to Israeli culture.

Script: Musicians of The Israel Stage Orchestra
Conductor and Narrator: Roni Porat

The entire world is a Stage

Roni performs in the streets of Zurich, 1988

The various performing arts come together on the classical music stage. "Symphony of life" - the voices, the melodies and the sound of daily life, combined to create a unique musical / theatrical event.

Conductor, narrator and Script: Roni Porat
Actors: all orchestra members

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