"There's something wonderful about reviews. All of them are eventually forgotten by the readers, but I keep the good ones, and from the others I only take the better lines. This is, in fact, a very creative and enjoyable editing job..."

"The Voice is the Instrument"

"...I strove to find a flaw in his work, tried to come up with an alternative, a better turn of phrase that would enhance Porat's explanations, but to no avail. Porat made the most of the little material he had in hand. His explanations were concise, aimed directly at his young audience without being child orientated. His delivery was easy and listener friendly, his humor measured and restrained. Porat's secret is to convey small portions of knowledge in a memorable, even unforgettable way.

In demonstrating the three-part harmony of the choir he presents each voice on its own before combining them - simple and effective."

Played by The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Roni Porat
Hagai Hitron, "Ha'aretz", June 24th, 2004

"Bartok - in proportion"

"On the surface Porat chose subject matter that is not obviously suitable for a young audience: The story of a musicologist on a musical quest...can such a story engage young listeners? It all depends on presentation. The stage is set with minimal but appropriate scenery, the story, interwoven with 13 of Bartok's works, mostly of ethnic origin, unfolds and holds the listeners interest. This theatre concert speaks to audiences of all ages. The story is serious in content and heartwarming, the humor is quaint and nostalgic the mood is authentic. The performance ends with a medley of folk dances that almost gets the audience out of their seats and into the aisles. Parents who accompanied their children to this concert will want to learn more about Bela Bartok."

Evening Fest - Bela Bartok
Played by The Israel Stage Orchestra
Hagai Hitron, "Ha'aretz", January 1st, 2004

"Bach - in a few well chosen words"

"Roni Porat is one of the most gifted presenters of concerts in Israel. One of his most captivating qualities is the easy and unassuming manner in which he delivers his material which is always precise, concise and digestible. Last night Porat was faced with a number of challenges: Firstly - to bear in mind that he was facing an adult audience, secondly - to gauge the extent of their musical knowledge and gear his comments to areas which needed elaborating on and thirdly - to throw light on the phenomena - Johann Sebastian Bach - in a few well chosen words. Porat chose to open with exploring the listener's experience on hearing Bach for the first time. Using works by other composers to demonstrate his point, Porat claimed that despite Bach's unchallenged greatness, his music is not immediately palatable to the ear as are the works by some of the later composers. Without a doubt a claim worthy of discussion"

Played by The Israel Stage Orchestra
Conductor: Roni Porat
Hagai Hitron, "Ha'aretz", November 2003

"What a joy!"

"Roni Porat, in presenting a concert to children, allows them to enjoy. His approach to music education refuses to conform to convention or to be didactic, but rather a revelation.

Porat does not begin from the obvious, the orchestra, but builds his orchestra on stage. He instills his young listeners an appreciation for the wondrous from of music, orchestra, composition, and not only knowledge. What a joy!"

"The Soul and the Bow", played by The Israel Stage Orchestra
Dror Borstein, "The Voice of Jerusalem", November 2000

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